30th Annual

Polkamotion By The Ocean


September 17th through the 20th, 2009

Rehoboth Beach Convention Center

229 Rehoboth Avenue

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971




Wednesday night warm-up party on the upper deck of the Sandcastle Motel. It was a little bit cool and breezy, but everyone had a great time!

Winners of the Polkamotion Golf Classic were announced and there were some silly games too. It was a blast! 


Thursday night was football jersey night and had a great turnout! They also ate a lot.

Hey Gil, I know we started with 90 pounds of onions, but I think we are going to need more to get us through the weekend...





Friday was a blast and the crowd was great! Of course, the music was too!

(Gil, we need more onions.)



Saturday brunch for the folks staying at the Sandcastle Motel with Jay & Janice Lochner.



Saturday night was packed and everyone was having a good time!

Four great bands and non-stop dancing. (Gil, where are those onions?)




The weekend ended with a Polka Mass on Sunday, and then more music and dancing.

Gil, after three trips of shopping, STOP with the onions!



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30 SEP 2009